Company Culture During COVID


A to Z Services

March 2nd marked the first death due to the coronavirus in the United States. That was our first wake up call to begin preparing our team for the spread of the virus. We were constantly monitoring how quickly it was spreading as well as what other companies were doing, such as Microsoft and Apple. Starting March 6th they had already begun to close offices.

We were lucky to be ahead of the curve because our team had already been working from home due to Spring Vacation. We continued to have everyone work and collaborate from their home offices. However, we needed to make an emphasis on our core values now since we are such a new company and do not want distance to lessen them. It was important to make sure everyone was staying positive. We began to be more generous about time off if someone on our team was sick or their family members were. We also made an extra effort to make sure each member of the team was doing well and getting things done. To do so, we kept in close communication with everyone and tried to induce a more light-hearted atmosphere. This is a huge change for everyone and we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for our team!


Our company is fully dedicated to helping students to thrive and succeed in school without having to pay a fortune every semester for materials. Every year students are required to buy eight or more textbooks for their classes that are outrageously expensive. Depending on the school and/or major you could be looking at around $1000 dollars a year on textbooks alone. This could be a huge payment for some who do not necessarily have that money to spend, especially college kids who are on budgets. 

Our services offer students all over the country a way to rent, buy, and trade whatever textbooks they need or want to get rid of at cheap prices. We even have three options to choose from- differing in pricing and benefits. Our platform allows for students to connect and help one another find their needed materials. With the interaction between each other this has led to many of our customers tutoring one another in subjects that they have just learned about. A to Z textbooks do more than just offer textbooks to students but it allows for students to have a platform to connect and help one another with their education.

Tutoring and Mentorship Update


Due to the coronavirus, we have added virtual tutoring to our platform. It has been difficult for students to meet up with their tutors with the global pandemic, so we have launched a platform similar to zoom to allow them to get help studying. This way, they can easily get access to a tutor for any class they need help in. 

Gold subscription members have free access to our tutoring and mentorship services. The students can match with each other similar to trading books. We will have students that took a class already be tutors for students currently in that class. Students will charge each other for these services. This adds to the incentive for them to become tutors for gold members. 

We are all about the unified community! We are very happy to have added this service and are excited to have our members to start enjoying it.